Online Learning (January 2021)

Information for Parents/Guardians

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope you are all safe and well after the Christmas break. As Covid-19 numbers have escalated since we closed for Christmas, and following the minister’s announcement, Scoil Mhuire Loughegar will reopen for remote learning from Monday 11th January.

We will be using the Seesaw online learning platform during this school closure period due to Covid-19.

The Seesaw platform is designed to be user friendly for children. As always, we encourage parents to monitor and engage with pupils work but the children themselves, particularly in the senior classes, should be encouraged to take responsibility for their own management of Seesaw.

Work for the each school day will be provided for pupils in the activities tab of the Seesaw App. Children will be able to see the work they have uploaded in their journal. Teachers will respond to children’s work in the inbox tab.

If you have any difficulties, please contact the school by email

You should have received a hand-out from your child’s teacher before Christmas, outlining what is required to login to Seesaw. If you cannot find the hand-out or cannot access Seesaw, let us know and we will send you a new code and will do our best to get you up and going.

Here is a short video which might help.

Please also see the following prompts which may be useful for you.

What type of device do I need?

· Smart phone (app available or through your browser)

· Tablet (app available or through your browser)

· Laptop/Computer

What do I need to do?

· If you are using a smartphone or tablet you can download the Seesaw app.

· The app your child will use is called Seesaw class

· Seesaw class will be used by your child to complete the activities or upload their work.

· Alternatively, you can go to the website (on your phone/tablet or computer.)

Using the Seesaw website:

1. Click login on the top right-hand page

2. Click I’m a student

3. Don’t worry about the top part (e-mail).

Enter the text code from the hand-out or alternatively click ‘scan code’- your webcam will open and you can scan the QR code. Click go.

Using the Seesaw App:

1. Download the Seesaw Class App

2. Click I’m a student

3. Enter the text code from the hand-out or alternatively click ‘scan code’- your webcam will open and you can scan the QR code. Click go.

Collection of Books

Schoolbooks were sent home with children before the Christmas break. If your child was absent from school on those days, please let us know by email and we will arrange collection.

ICT Devices

The school will offer a limited number of iPads on loan for use by families during the school closure period. If you are interested in obtaining a device, please email the school at The devices will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Special Educational Needs

It is hoped that over the coming days the SEN team will be in contact with pupils who receive SEN support. The SNA’s will also be in contact by telephone/Zoom

Folens Online

Our teachers may use some of the Folens Online resources to assist children during the school closure. In order to access these resources you should register as a teacher using this link. Please fill in your own email details and create a password. The school roll number (required) is 18812p.

Gill Education

Gill Education will give free online access to their books using the link This may be helpful to access some school resources for your children.

Other Important Information

During the last school closure period a number of families had difficulties engaging with online learning. If you are experiencing difficulties, please let us know. We will do our utmost to support families and pupils during these challenging times.

We urge all families to please look after themselves during the current lockdown. We only ask that you do whatever you can with regards to online learning. All our homes are very different spaces and we absolutely acknowledge this.

If you are finding something difficult or something is not working for you, then leave it and just let your child’s teacher know. We will do our best to support the children in whatever way we can.

We hope you all stay safe through these next few weeks, and ask you all to fully adhere to government guidelines. It is by working together once again that we will ensure a safe return to school as soon as possible.

Le gach dea-ghuí,

Niall Brennan,