3rd Class

End of Year Zoom Meet-Up

Our End of Year Zoom Meet-Up will take place on Thursday (25th June) at 11.00 am for all children in the school. The teachers would like to say goodbye to each of their classes and we would all like to say a special goodbye to our 6th Class Boys and Girls.

The link for the meeting is


Meeting ID: 985 2298 3935

The password has been sent to all families by text. ( If you do not have the password, please call the school (044) 93 72986 and it will be given to you.)

If you can share one computer/iPad/tablet/phone between your family it might give us a better chance to see everyone.

Mums, Dads & Guardians are more than welcome to be part of the Meet-Up.

Rules for End of Year Zoom Meet-Up

Please use your family surname and child(ren)’s first name(s) on your screen so that we know who is in the meeting room.

Use a normal/blank background only.

DO NOT record or take any photos during the End of Year School Zoom Meet-Up. ( This meeting is for and about children. Child Safety and Privacy are of the utmost importance.)

All children and adults will be muted upon entering the Meet-Up.

Please do not unmute unless told to do so.

Timetable (Approx)

11.00 All participants in Meeting Room will be granted access to the End of Year Zoom Meet-Up (Everyone will be muted. Please do not unmute unless told to do so.)

11.05 Check to ensure that everyone can see/hear what is going on. (Children will be asked to wave at the screen to show they can hear and see. Anyone having difficulty should come out of the meeting and login again.)

11.10 General Welcome (Mr. Brennan)

11.15 Teachers and Staff say goodbye to classes (Junior Infants to 6th Class, Mrs. Leonard, Ms. McLoughlin, Mrs. Fitzsimons, Mary Coffey, Kathleen McGrenery, Mary Kenny.)

11.25 Children from 6th Class say goodbye individually (The boys and girls will be called alphabetically by surname. They can unmute themselves just to say goodbye to everyone.)

11.35 Farewell and Thanks (Mr. Brennan)

11.40 Clap Emoji Sign from everyone in the school to say goodbye and well done to all the boys and girls in 6th Class. (If using a laptop/computer, click “reactions” then click on hands. If using a phone/tablet, click “more” in bottom right corner and click the hands.)

11.45 End Meeting

Monday 22nd June

Happy Birthday to Cara who is 10 years old today. We hope you got some nice presents and had a great day with your family

Maths: IXL activities

English: IXL activities

Morning boys and girls, hope you are all well on this Monday morning.

Did you all have a nice weekend? The weather was not as nice as other weekends, but I suppose we have been so lucky over the past few weeks we were probably due some rain. I still managed to get out for a walk or two and get some fresh air so that was good, I hope you did too.

I hope you had fun on Friday with ‘Sports Day’, the weather was not the best but I did see some beautiful family pictures were everyone was getting involved in ‘Sports Day’ so I was thrilled to see that, makes it all the more fun when you have company.

I have just a very small bit of work this week as it is our last week of school to keep you going until Thursday.

Chat soon,

Mrs. Price x

Tuesday 23rd June

Maths: IXL activities

Go with the flow: Finish out any unfinished pages

Morning third class, happy Tuesday.

You have all been fantastic over the last 13 or 14 weeks working from home, you have done so much hard work, I am so proud of you all. Only two more days left, keep up all the hard work.

Mrs Price x

Wednesday 24th June

Maths: IXL activities

Grammar 3: next 2 pages.


Hi guys, If you have any work you have missed over the past few weeks or pages out of workbooks, please feel free to finish them or catch up if you spare time, it is totally up to you.

Mrs Price x