4th Class

End of Year Zoom Meet-Up

Our End of Year Zoom Meet-Up will take place on Thursday (25th June) at 11.00 am for all children in the school. The teachers would like to say goodbye to each of their classes and we would all like to say a special goodbye to our 6th Class Boys and Girls.

The link for the meeting is


Meeting ID: 985 2298 3935

The password has been sent to all families by text. ( If you do not have the password, please call the school (044) 93 72986 and it will be given to you.)

If you can share one computer/iPad/tablet/phone between your family it might give us a better chance to see everyone.

Mums, Dads & Guardians are more than welcome to be part of the Meet-Up.

Rules for End of Year Zoom Meet-Up

Please use your family surname and child(ren)’s first name(s) on your screen so that we know who is in the meeting room.

Use a normal/blank background only.

DO NOT record or take any photos during the End of Year School Zoom Meet-Up. ( This meeting is for and about children. Child Safety and Privacy are of the utmost importance.)

All children and adults will be muted upon entering the Meet-Up.

Please do not unmute unless told to do so.

Timetable (Approx)

11.00 All participants in Meeting Room will be granted access to the End of Year Zoom Meet-Up (Everyone will be muted. Please do not unmute unless told to do so.)

11.05 Check to ensure that everyone can see/hear what is going on. (Children will be asked to wave at the screen to show they can hear and see. Anyone having difficulty should come out of the meeting and login again.)

11.10 General Welcome (Mr. Brennan)

11.15 Teachers and Staff say goodbye to classes (Junior Infants to 6th Class, Mrs. Leonard, Ms. McLoughlin, Mrs. Fitzsimons, Mary Coffey, Kathleen McGrenery, Mary Kenny.)

11.25 Children from 6th Class say goodbye individually (The boys and girls will be called alphabetically by surname. They can unmute themselves just to say goodbye to everyone.)

11.35 Farewell and Thanks (Mr. Brennan)

11.40 Clap Emoji Sign from everyone in the school to say goodbye and well done to all the boys and girls in 6th Class. (If using a laptop/computer, click “reactions” then click on hands. If using a phone/tablet, click “more” in bottom right corner and click the hands.)

11.45 End Meeting

Thursday 25th June

Congratulations to Emily who is 11 years old today. Have a great day Emily and we hope you enjoy the fun and celebrations with your family.


Hi kids, can you believe it the last week’s homework in 4th class! Bet you are all delighted. I really enjoyed talking to you on Wednesday even though we got cut short! I hope the weather on Friday did not put you off the Virtual Sports Day. Hopefully some of you will send in some photos.

 It’s has been such an Historic time, I really hope you have kept up to date with your diary and please keep them safe so that you can enjoy them in years to come. I have put up new work on IXL for you and the following links can be looked at, at your leisure.

From Westmeath County Library Virtual Tour of EPIC Museum.

#Online Tour #virtualtour #HoldFirm It’s the EPIC museum in Dublin, it delves into the history of Irish emigration.

Art Lessons

How to draw cartoon dolphin, on Youtube. Colour in and take a picture and post to school.

Have fun!

Have a great summer holiday and it was great fun teaching you all, while it lasted. Best of luck in 5th class.