5th Class

End of Year Zoom Meet-Up

Our End of Year Zoom Meet-Up will take place on Thursday (25th June) at 11.00 am for all children in the school. The teachers would like to say goodbye to each of their classes and we would all like to say a special goodbye to our 6th Class Boys and Girls.

The link for the meeting is


Meeting ID: 985 2298 3935

The password has been sent to all families by text. ( If you do not have the password, please call the school (044) 93 72986 and it will be given to you.)

If you can share one computer/iPad/tablet/phone between your family it might give us a better chance to see everyone.

Mums, Dads & Guardians are more than welcome to be part of the Meet-Up.

Rules for End of Year Zoom Meet-Up

Please use your family surname and child(ren)’s first name(s) on your screen so that we know who is in the meeting room.

Use a normal/blank background only.

DO NOT record or take any photos during the End of Year School Zoom Meet-Up. ( This meeting is for and about children. Child Safety and Privacy are of the utmost importance.)

All children and adults will be muted upon entering the Meet-Up.

Please do not unmute unless told to do so.

Timetable (Approx)

11.00 All participants in Meeting Room will be granted access to the End of Year Zoom Meet-Up (Everyone will be muted. Please do not unmute unless told to do so.)

11.05 Check to ensure that everyone can see/hear what is going on. (Children will be asked to wave at the screen to show they can hear and see. Anyone having difficulty should come out of the meeting and login again.)

11.10 General Welcome (Mr. Brennan)

11.15 Teachers and Staff say goodbye to classes (Junior Infants to 6th Class, Mrs. Leonard, Ms. McLoughlin, Mrs. Fitzsimons, Mary Coffey, Kathleen McGrenery, Mary Kenny.)

11.25 Children from 6th Class say goodbye individually (The boys and girls will be called alphabetically by surname. They can unmute themselves just to say goodbye to everyone.)

11.35 Farewell and Thanks (Mr. Brennan)

11.40 Clap Emoji Sign from everyone in the school to say goodbye and well done to all the boys and girls in 6th Class. (If using a laptop/computer, click “reactions” then click on hands. If using a phone/tablet, click “more” in bottom right corner and click the hands.)

11.45 End Meeting

Hi Kids,

Last week of school.. Weyhey!!!!

Bet you’re looking forward to being free to do what you want every day! Nice!

I’m going post the answers to the Maths end of year test below.I hope you all did your best and I’m more concerned that you knew HOW to do the questions rather than how many you got right.

If you knew how to do most of them, well you’re doing great!

Maths – End of year Test Answers

11 in 6 chance11144 m2212331100
22 1/101213000224, 8, 12, 1632**
44 tenths145080ml2406:003445°
575 minutes150.5825Reflex353
625165 7/1226Rhombus367 1/3
82818€5528€3388 for €3.40
9Hexagonal prism193/7295269g or 5.269kg39360°

*If you’ve the title and the axis labelled and 5 columns drawn give yourself a full mark. If you didn’t put in the title or label the axis, give yourself a half mark.

**If you’ve the title and the axis labelled and 5 double columns with a different colour for 5th and 6th classes drawn give yourself a full mark. If you didn’t put in the title or label the axis, give yourself a half mark. If you didn’t use different colours for the 2 classes give yourself a half mark.

Remember on our Zoom meeting we had a little chat about Jellyfish so here a video telling you all about them:

And here’s a tutorial on how to draw one:

Continue on some IXL work.

I was so glad to hear that you love my little quotes and poems etc. I couldn’t believe some of you said it’s the first thing you look at each day! That was so nice to hear!
I’ll try to keep it up until the end!

Quote of the Day:

 Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935, – August 16, 1977).

Elvis was called The King of Rock and Roll! I think he deserved the title. I don’t think there has ever been anyone to compare with him in terms of his voice or his presence.

I remember the day he died because my little brother woke me up bawling crying that ‘Elvis was dead!’.  He was a big fan even though he was only a small boy and he grew up to play guitar brilliantly and plays a lot of Elvis stuff now!
Another interesting fact about Elvis is that he shares a Birthday with David Bowie…. Mrs. Daly …. and Ms. McLoughlin!!! 
Now, there’s an interesting piece of Trivia for you!

Look at The King perform Viva Las Vegas here:

That voice was so special!

Slán go Fóill

Mrs. Daly

Tuesday 23rd June

Hi kids,

We’re nearly there! Táimid beagnach críochnaithe! Buíochas le Dia!
I hope you’re looking forward to (ag tnúth leis) the huge Zoom meetup on Thursday!!!
It’s going to be difficult (beidh  sé deachair) to get that many people on together (le chéile) but we all know Mr. Brennan is a wizard at these things so fingers crossed!!


IXL Maths: Your choice

IXL English: your choice
Brainteasers: We didn’t get to finish our Brainteasers so maybe you could finish it out at your leisure. Do 1 or 2 / day and get someone (an older brother or sister, parent, grandparent) to correct them WITH you.  They might enjoy it??

Music: Practice your Tin whistle. 10 minutes every day. Promise me you’ll practice it over the Summer too! You’re really very good and we have to keep up to pace for the Fleadh next year!! We’re going to Rock that Gig Rig!!

Now, here’s a tricky little exercise for you if you’re up for it!
The video below is a tutorial for Morrisons Jig.

If you pause the screen you can see the notes written and you can take them down on a sheet.
There written a little differently than you’re used to but it’s easy to fix.
Where the note is in Small Case (c, d,e, f, g, a, b, c),  they’re on the lower scale of the whistle.
When the note is written in Upper Case (C, D, E, F,G ,A, B, C) they’re on the higher scale (blow harder).

So the first few notes:  ee bb ebe af#d … are all all low notes. (f# = f sharp)
In the second part: bEE F#EE AEE F#EE …… first note is Low b and all the rest are on the higher scale.

So, to learn the tune, rewrite it out first using the annotation you’re used to.
The First few notes will be written:
The first few notes of the 2nd half will be written: BE’E’ F’E’E’ A’E’E’ F’E’E’

When you have it written out, listen to it here several times.


Try practicing it reading your notes first.
It should take you about a week to become slowly confident.
You could then try to play along with the video.

Now, I know that’s quite a bit of work (do it over a few days) but it’s a good skill to have! And if you master this one you can pick up and learn any tune you like.

Chat to you tomorrow! Miss you all!

Slán go Fóill

Mrs. Daly

Wednesday 24th June

Hey Kids,

How are you all today? This will be my last note to you.. Boohoo!!

As you know tomorrow is our last day at school and our monster Zoom Meet up.
Looking forward to that! It should be fun!!!

I hope you’re al looking forward to your summer holidays and forgetting about school and school work for a few months!   I won’t say good bye because Ill hopefully see you Thursday but read the little poem below……

If I don’t get to chat to you, I just want to wish you all a great summer and good health. I’ll look forward to seeing you all back taller, very grown up and sensible and much better looking in September!!  Wink Wink! As if you could possibly be any better looking!!

Slán go Fóill

Miss you lots!

Mrs. Daly